Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Configuring Active Directory

  the   database   information   and   click   the   "Test   DB   Connection"   button   to   verify   the   settings   are   correct.

  the   "Save   Settings"   which   saves   the   database   settings.

  the   "Domain   User"  button.   This   will   list   the   user's   in   the   domain   User   List   area   and   then   save   the   users   to   the   database.   All   the   user's   will   be   added   as   additional   users   and   belong   to   root   group.   It   will   actively   check   the   users   with   the   Domain   and   make   necessary   updates   to   the   Revcord   database.



The Revcord WebUI User password and rights must be set for the users from the Revcord Setup page or through Revconfig application.      
The exe path c:\disstech\bin\RevADUsers.exe

If the Domain users are not listed in the List Control. Please verify the logged-in  Windows user is a Domain user.

This sync works only when a Domain user is logged in to the machine. Active Directory is highly secure, Revcord cannot sync domain user's when a non-domain user is logged into the recording server.


From V11.2, the MMS will have a direct integration with AD and do authentication directly with AD then check the user rights in the MMS while logged in.


Sync and store the user’s First Name, Last Name, username, and E-mail address from the DC in the logger


  Validate a username and password against Active Directory

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